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Battle Mates (Combat)

Avitians and Ceravossians have always trained to fight as a group. Fighting alongside the one you love pushes you to ensure their survival.

Prerequisites: base attack bonus +1; romantic relationship with another PC or NPC that has lasted for at least a year; Born in either the Avitian Empire or the Ceravossian Republic.

Benefit: Choose a character that you are in a romantic relationship with. When fighting enemies adjacent to each other the chosen character gains a +1 morale bonus both to their base attack and their armor class. If you and your chosen character move more than 5 ft. away from each other, they lose this bonus.

Special: While the gender combination of those in the relationship does not matter while using this feat, a character may only use the feat with one other specific person. Note, this bonus is in effect if the feat holder and their chosen character are fighting each other. If the romance ends (such as due to the partner’s death), this feat can be retrained the next time the character gains a level.

Endzeitgeist Says: This is a great feat regarding its fluff, but one that I would not require a player to take - the benefits are pretty weak. It does make for a great bonus feat granted by an emergence, though!