Imperiums Campaign Setting is designed by Mór Games and is compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Our Goals

Building off of the basic rules set forth in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, this setting strives to produce products which not only provide a highly detailed world filled with lore and history in which to play, but also to make available new rules and mechanics, character classes, as well as feats and spells to help GMs and players alike bring more to their games.

At Mór Games, we strive to produce products to inspire those on both sides of the GM screen. Our goal is to create material to increase everyone's enjoyment of the game without increasing the amount of work needed to play.

Every book contains options for for players, advice for GMs, and plenty of material to add to your table.


    © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Dean Spencer

    © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Dean Spencer

The Game

The Imperiums Campaign Setting is not just histories and folklore, it also introduces new game mechanics and challenges to the base Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system. With the introduction of the War of Words mechanic, social interactions become more tactical while allowing even those party members not well versed in multiple social skills to be useful. New Emergence traits are introduced which provide exciting mechanical bonuses and penalties for the roleplay decisions players make.

Modules in the Imperiums Campaign Setting contain features to help everyone at the table. Advice is giving throughout to help new GMs while Up the Ante sections give advice and options for more veteran GMs who want to increase the stakes their players are playing for. Every modules is filled with new monsters and NPCs which can easily be added to any game.

Players will find much in our modules as well. New magic items, Emergences, classes and races can all be found within. Add depth and find inspiration for your next hero!

Our new Core Reference Guide is under construction, but here you will find Player Aids such as rules for generating and advancing characters, Name Generators for each of the lands in Aeliode, and playable races from the Imperiums Campaign Setting. Keep an eye out for the upcoming NPC and Bestiary additions here as well which will help GMs put together a session quicker than before!

    © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Dean Spencer

    © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Dean Spencer

The World

Set in the crumbling world of Aeliode, the Imperiums Campaign Setting gives players the opportunity to explore the ancient civilizations of the past amid a landscape rife with war and revolution. Aeliode draws inspiration from the folklore of the ancient Celt, Norse, and Roman civilizations and combines them with other unique and story driven fantasy themes.

Players will find themselves immersed in an ancient world filled with age-old conflicts and pacts. All products are filled with folklore that players and GMs can choose how deep they wish to go.

According to online reviewer Endzeitgeist the Imperiums Campaign Setting "manages to be at once defiantly old-school and suffused with a sense of the ancient and mythological (in the proper academic term’s various notions), while at the same time carving its own identity and making a defiant stand against settings that have bloated themselves with races, thinking that by adding a race with x modifiers, they can create a richer backdrop of cultures, when they can’t even get proper human cultures right. This module has more awareness of what makes a world believable than the vast majority of settings I’ve read (and enjoyed)."

    © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Carolina Eade

    © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Carolina Eade