Plight of the Tuatha Adventure Path

This adventure path is composed of a Campaign Guide and the following four modules. These modules are expected to ship throughout 2014.


Campaign Guide: Plight of the Tuatha -- Everything you need to know about the world of Aeliode to help Game Masters and players get the most out of the Plight of the Tuatha adventure path. In addition to details on the people and places of the world, you can find new feats, spells, and character traits.

The fierce and brutal race of Fomoire and the new Skald prestige class are detailed and ready for players to use as their next character.

Brand new rules for the social side of characters including:

  • The "War of Words" mechanics which provide an exciting option for social conflict resolution.
  • New Emergence traits which give mechanical bonus for roleplaying and completing story goals.
  • Details on a new Renown score. Now a characters fame may proceed them.
  • Rules for the new Interrogation skill.

Plight of the Tuatha Vol.1: Feast Hall of Ash -- This introductory module is meant for 2nd level characters. After stumbling across a threat to their village, your group must navigate a conflict between the courts of two elusive Fey. Only those with sharp minds and swift blades will be able to decide the fate of the Feast Hall of Ash and protect the village of Iria. 

This adventure includes:

  • 10 new monsters exploring the darker side of the Fae.

  • 7 new magic items from the land of Tir Ydrail.

  • Detailed information on NPCs and the hamlet of Iria.

Plight of the Tuatha Vol.2: Vasily's Woe  -- If the land of Tir Ydrail is to survive the incoming flood of invaders, new magic must be created to help shield against the evil god of the Ostmen. The key to those magics is shrouded in a horrific mystery on the shores of the far off Issian Peninsula. The players must untangle the knot of magic, murder, and intrigue, but be warned: there are reasons why few choose to travel in the Southern Avitian Empire.

Plight of the Tuatha Vol.3: Dark Sails and Dark Words -- The port city of Chandegar is the gateway from the Avitian Empire to the rest of the world. Within the maze of this bustling metropolis, a wizard has penned arcane sigils able to fuel powerful binding magics. Without these sigils, Tir Ydrail will fall. Can you track this wizard down before the Fomoire and their agents sniff out their trail? The fate of your homeland hangs in the balance!

Plight of the Tuatha Vol.4: A Coming Storm  -- Powerful magic has been forged from the Sigils of Chandegar and the Elixer from the Issian Peninsula, but a new menace threatens Tir Ydrail.   Black clouds gather on the horizon and supernaturally strong winds endanger all in their path. The storm seems to be controlled by the new inhabitants of an ancient abandoned tower. Has a long-forgotten race come out of hiding to reclaim their stronghold, or are forces yet more sinister working to bring the downfall of the Tuatha?

Bondsworn: Deciderious & Keale -- The world of Aeliode is filled with people and factions fighting each other for gold, power, or sometimes even just survival. This PDF is the first of the Council of Lords series and introduces two powerful Bondsworn of the Avitian Empire. New feats, traits, and magic items await players who wish to ally themselves with a Bondsworn, and GMs will find NPC stats and information as well as storyline ideas which incorporate these two ancient powers into your game.