Merchants of Chandegar

Chandegar is the largest port city in the Avitian Empire, and perhaps even the world. Dozens of merchant ships sail in and out of its harbor bringing good from faraway lands. Most anything imaginable can be found if you know where to look. Most legal goods can be acquired from legitimate merchants and craftsmen who ply their trade and sell their wares from shops, stands, and even rugs set on the sides of streets.  Goods and services of a more illegal nature are more likely to be found in the Night Market that sets up down by the docks every evening as soon as the sun has set. Chandegari tradition and law dictates that even illegal goods may purchased in the dark of night, though their use may still get one in trouble. With the coming of the Avitian Empire, this tradition has begun to change as troops from the Avitian 8th Legion have begun imposing their laws upon the populace of the city.

Below is a continually growing list of shops, merchants, and craftsmen found in Chandegar. Should you need to expand upon the information found in the Dark Sails and Dark Words module, this is a good place to start.


Name Type of good or service Known Allegiances Potential use in game More details
The Hidden Palace Influence Bondsworn Mamet and Hephistos the Perfect, 7th Wind of the Sirocco Click Here
Tifawt the Torchbearer Sells lighting fixtures and tools Wayfarer's Guild Click Here