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Improved Armorless Combat

You have honed your ability to fight to the degree that relying on heavy armor is detrimental and shrug off minor cuts and bruises as inconsequential.

Prerequisites: Armorless Fighting; base attack bonus +5;  Tir Ydrail or the Ostmen Islands are homeland

Benefit: While padded armor, leather armor, or no armor, gain 100% extra Dex bonus, rounded down, to your armor class.

Endzeitgeist Says: And this is the reason the previous feat is a more than just a good idea for those dexterous guys. A Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 for 4000 GP now suddenly nets you +2 to your AC. Your Dex 18+ nets you a whopping +8 to AC...yes, this is awesome, and you'll still be bouncing across the battlefield.