PDF Plight of the Tuatha, Vol. 3: Dark Sails and Dark Words


PDF Plight of the Tuatha, Vol. 3: Dark Sails and Dark Words


The port city of Chandegar is known throughout Aeliode as a beacon of education and trade. However, its dark side lays just under the surface. Twisted beings cursed by jealous gods fight in an underground war as rebellious factions strive either to overthrow the Avitian Empire’s claim to the Rigian wastes, or force submission to the Empire’s “light.” It is here that the powerful wizard Philiandrius has sent his allies to locate the final pieces of his magical research; powerful spells to protect his Tuathan brethren from vile Fomoire raiders.
When these allies arrive in Chandegar, their every move is guaranteed to be watched from the shadows by hidden forces. Will they be greeted with piles of gold, a sharp blade in the back, or even darker gifts….

• Dark Sails and Dark Words adventure for four 6th level characters
Ten new monsters including the horrendous new Lamiae Subtype.
Nine brand new magic items, weapons, and armor unearthed from ancient legend.
• The brand new Lawspeaker prestige class. e law of the land now has its ultimate defender.
• An in-depth look at the port city of Chandegar, including eight powerful factions who war for supremacy.

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