Trespasser Possession (Emergence)

This week in the Crucible I thought you might like to playtest an Emergence that is being worked on. 

For those of you who have not heard of Emergences, these are unique features of the Imperiums Campaign Setting. They are mechanical rewards that PCs can apply to their characters by interacting with the setting or making roleplaying choices.  More can be seen about this mechanic in the Campaign Guide: Plight of the Tuatha.

Suggested uses in games

This Emergence is an optional effect granted to a Edux Demon. Should a PC wish, they may allow an Edux demon to co-habitate their body instead of combating it. Once the Edux demon has gained entrance, the will occasionally seek to take over the PCs body for a single day to complete their own plans they have for the mortal realm. Of course they are willing to pay the PC a price of information or valuables for the use of the body.

After a player has given a day to the possessing demon, the GM can take advantage of the circumstances to add another layer to the PCs environment. NPCs the PCs do not know may greet them as though they are good friends. Messengers may deliver strange and seemingly worthless items from mysterious senders. The PC might notice that while the amount of coin they have remains the same, the types of coin have changed as though large sums of their money has been spent and then replaced. Many opportunities may present themselves, including side quests should the GM feel up to it. 

Trespasser Possession

Once per week, those with this emergence may allow the spirit of and Edux Demon residing alongside their own soul to take control of their body for one day. During this time the spirit will either find the answer to one question as per the Commune spell or acquire a piece of mundane equipment worth 500 gp or less. It is not known how the spirit acquired the information or equipment during the possession, but all who meet the emergence holder senses something untrustworthy. For the next month, all who meeting the emergence holder start off with a starting attitude one degree more hostile towards the PC.

Loss Condition: Wear a chain with a locked padlock attached as a necklace for one month (new moon to next new moon).