Feats: Psychology

 © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Carolina Eade

 © 2014 William Moomaw            Artist:Carolina Eade

This week in The Crucible, we are looking at a pair of feats designed by Mario Podeschi to add a some cool, and potentially creepy, options to your game. 

If you enjoy playing in a game that leans towards psychological thriller in terms of theme, or just enjoy the option of having a character display a talent for Psychology, the Psychologist and Vile Psychologist feats add a bit of therapy to your game.

Weather you character focuses on healing the mind, or breaking it, these feats will give you an edge.

So take them to your table and let us know what you think by commenting below or emailing us at imperiumscs@gmail.com! 


You are trained in the art of medical listening and can help people recover from their innermost horrors.


Sense Motive (1 rank)


Once per patient per day, you can spend 1 hour to succeed on a DC 15 Sense motive check to restore 1d4 points of mental ability damage (wisdom, intelligence, or charisma) to target. The target is staggered for 1 hour, then shaken for 1 hour. 



Psychologist, Vile

You can destroy a person’s psyche with the most powerful tool of all: understanding.


Psychologist, Sense Motive (5 ranks)


Once per patient per day, you can use the Psychology ability to inflict mental ability damage to a willing or helpless creature rather than cure it.  If you lower the patient’s Charisma to 0, you can also choose to implant or remove a memory. Memory removal can only be attempted once on any given creature unless in combination with a powerful magical effect (such as a limited wish).



Strength of Memory/Sense Motive DC/Example

Minor/15/Forget a face or name that the patient has encountered once; convince the patient that he has met the queen

Average/20/Forget the location of a nearby town; convince the patient that he has spoken with the queen

Significant/25/Forget a past relationship; convince the patient that he was friends with the queen

Major/30/Forget mother’s name; convince the patient that he had an affair with the queen

Extreme/35/Forget own name; convince the patient that he is the queen

A person aware of the false memory can attempt a Sense Motive check equal to the original DC to cure your false impression.