Part IV: A Giant Fight!

Frigid wastes as far as the eye can see. Flat, cold, unyielding ice stretched out to infinity. Zyf was enjoying a steaming whiz behind a rock when Flann came around the corner and got his robe dampened. “A-a-a thou-thou-thousand apo-po-pologies, sir Zyf,” stammered the bumbling sorceror, ’bu-bu-bu- bu-bu-bu- bu-bu-bu-…" “BUT,” suggested the divinely endowed cleric blessing the rock with his holy water. “But,” continued Flann, “enemies appro-pro-pro-proach from the N-N-North.” Zyf scabbarded his mighty spiritual hammer and called for the others from the makeshift shelter he had designed and built on the unyielding glacier.

“Hmm,” said Zyf peering into the distance as the others assembled around him, “I see two giants, frost giants naturally, and four winter wolves. Prepare yourselves for battle! There’s also a young woman with them, possibly a slave. Try not to kill her Flann, I have questions.”

The group immediately began their preparations. The bard, paladin, axe-man and lady cleric headed off to meet the beasts while Zyf stoically headed north to face down the two frost giants and leaving Flann behind to clean up the morning meal.

Upon seeing the party, the giants released the tethers on their animals and the quartet of ravenous wolves came charging over the ice to meet the party. Zyf ignored the inferior animals and continued his trek towards the giants. The frost giants towered over the snow and ice a full forty feet high. Ice axes and spears held at the ready, the pair quivered in their loins for today they would be facing their judgement. Today a dwarf was coming for them!

Sixty feet away, and Zyf unbound his shield.

Forty feet away, and Zyf drew Myn’s Claw.

Twenty feet away, and a fireball exploded knocking the slave girl unconscious and severely irritating the giants!

Zyf was upon them!
Now the fight. Now the parry. Now the dodge. Now the power of the divine merged seemlessly with the heritage of the dwarf, and the fusion was awesome to behold. It has been said, that in the entire history of this world we live in there have only been a few perfect moments; moments when circumstances and fate intertwine in such a way that the people who witness it are forever changed. The lame walk. The blind see. The wicked are redeemed.

This moment put all of those moments to shame.

Afterwards, the only thing that could truly be said was: it was beyond imagination!