Part VII: Going to the Chapel!

The Honour of your Presence is Requested to Come and Witness the Union between,

The Lady Amalia, eldest daughter of  House Retrovir,


Sir Michael, a fine and honourable man.

Ceremony to be held at noon on the morrow.

Zyf, devoted of Myn, presiding.

Reception to follow.

Catering by Zyf and Quintain & assoc.
Pyrotechnics courtesy of Flann.
Music/howling by Dannis and the Stray Dogs.
Decorations designed by Emma Carlyon.


Gifts not required.

The sun had been woefully absent these past few months, but today the warming rays of the  Father caressed the young couple as they began their slow approach to the hand-crafted stone altar. Here on this rocky outcropping in the middle of the frigid northern ocean stood Amalia and Michael soon to be bound to one another under the ever watching eyes of the Father, the  Mother, and Myn.

The young couple nervously approached the stoic cleric who stood in front of the shining altar smiling at them. Their feet moved in concert with their hearts, and they lifted gently off the ground. Amalia was both frightened and delighted at this lovely magic; Michael gripped her hand tighter as they gracefully ascended above the assembled crowd to stand on the air.

“Today,” began Zyf, eloquent speaker and formidable party-planner, “we join together under the skies of the Father, surrounded by the oceans of the Mother, and in the presence of Myn, the Lady of Good Luck and Travels, to observe a true miracle. In this entire world, we are most blessed when we have the opportunity to share with those around us. Amalia and Michael have chosen us to share their day of joy and for that we are all grateful. And, in return, we share with them our glad tidings and well wishes. People in attendance, look upon the faces of Amalia and Michael and revel in their love. Amalia and Michael, feel the good will surrounding you as your love holds you aloft in the presence of these witnesses.”

Here the mighty cleric paused and cast two short spells as the young couple and those in attendance waited with awe and reverence.

“In my presence, now, no lie can be uttered without my knowing it.” And, he flew up to meet them, astonishing all save a few.
“Michael,” he commanded, “do you love this maiden? Will you honor and protect her? Do you place her above all others?”
“I do,” said the man truthfully.
“Have you a token of your fidelity? A symbol of your honor? A memento of your love?”
“I have,” said the man.
“Amalia,” said the cleric softly to the young woman who had begun to weep, “do you love this man? Has he treated you with respect and grace? Do you choose him over all others?”
“I do,” she said composing herself.
“Have you a token of your fidelity? A symbol of your honor? A memento of your love?”
“I have,” she said.
“Michael, give Amalia your token in view of all assembled.” He did.
“Amalia, give Michael your token in view of all assembled.” She did.
“By the exchanging of vows, and these symbols beholden, I bless this union with all the authority granted to me by the Goddess Myn. I beseech her to gaze upon you as you begin your new life together and embark on this life long journey.” Here, Zyf paused and reached into his pocket, and removing three platinum coins, tossed them onto the ground below. “Here begins your journey!” And, to those in attendance, it appeared that the three coins sparkled and danced on the ground longer than they should have.
“Kiss her, Michael!” said the cleric, and he did.

Flann cast fireballs into the sky. Dannis, Frik and the snow-dogs howled and bayed.
Quintain blubbered like an elf, which he was.
Emma gave it six months.