Part X: Round and Round

The fog rolled in..


The battle with the orgy fiends was ended and Zyf, powerful cleric of the traveling goddess Myn, surveyed the long room to which Zyf's Talons had advanced. A quartet of tortured human men swung from chains attached to the ceiling; their skin flayed with Tiamat’s symbol; their soft moans of agony hanging in the still air. On the far wall, a female form with a cat head hung over a make-shift dais, her face obscured by the dim light.

MYN!” exclaimed the sensitive dwarf rushing to the far end of the room, completely oblivious to the eleven-headed pyro hydra asleep on the floor. There was no way she could be here! This had to be an avatar or an illusion or some other kind of deception, but Zyf’s heart said otherwise. Flying up to her bound form, the mighty cleric sought some way to release her from the manacles that encircled her wrists.

Meanwhile, the pyro-hydra advanced on the rest of the party. Dannis and Frik leapt into battle! Flann cast spell after spell! Emma shot arrow after arrow! Chun Yao punched and punched!Quintain did some stuff! Yada yada yada, the hydra was defeated.

The fog rolled in…

The party found themselves on an enormous tree limb. Ahead was a stump (yes, a stump on a limb; once again arcane magic has defied all logic and proportion! ahem…), ahead was a stump with a white rabbit sitting upon it casually enjoying some leafy vegetable. Chun Yao smiled serenely and moved towards the frail woodland creature. Just then, long ropy tendrils shot out from the stump at the blissfully unaware monk grabbing him and pulling him towards its ravenous maw devouring him whole! Zyf watched in horror as the monk’s feet disappeared into the woody mouth! Yada yada yada, the beast was defeated.

The fog rolled in…

Zyf’s Talons were in a small room. Two elves were there as well. Quintain seemed to know them. “Dad?” asked the mild-mannered elf. “Mum?” Suddenly, the male elf cast cloud-kill and the party responded in kind. Zyf silenced the area surrounding the evil caster rendering him impotent. Yada yada yada, the elf was defeated.

The fog rolled in…