Scales of the Heavy Thumb (Magic Item)

Stories are told in the dark corners of inns by traveling merchants about these scales. Rumor has it than an Avitian wine merchant seeking to cheat his customers made a deal with an evil spirit for the scales. She became a wealthy merchant, though, eventually, she brought ruin to most of the wine trade for decades after. Others tell the tale of a great Rigian architect who was known for making miniature models of his works before building his full-size counterparts. It is said that his genius was absorbed by the scales he used to aid in his translation from models to reality. Either, perhaps even both of these tales may be true…

This set of bronze merchant scales is 8 inches tall and etched with spiral patterns upon its base.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 6th;

Slot none; Price 6,000 gp; Weight 7 lbs.

Statistics: When the item’s user presses one of the scale’s two plates down with their thumb, they can increase or decrease the weight of a targeted creature or object within 60 feet. The target creature or object must fit within a 10 foot cube.

Upon activation, the scales use one charge to increase or decrease the weight of the target creature or object up to 100 pounds (minimum weight of 0 pounds) for a duration of up to one minute. Additional charges may be spent to either increase or decrease weight by an additional 100 pounds or have the effect last an additional minute per charge.  The user must decide how many charges are expended as well as how they are spent (additional weight change or additional duration) upon activation of the scales. The scales have six charges per day. Once all charges are expended, they scales act as ordinary scales for the remainder of the day

If the target item is being held or worn, the object’s bearer can resist with a DC 13 Will save. Targeted creatures can also resist the effect with the same Will save. If the user of the scales demonstrates the ability to subtly manipulate the device during its activation (a DC 20 Sleight of Hand check), the magic of the scales is intensified and the Will save increases to DC 15.

Activating the scales is a swift action. The bearer must spend a swift action each round to hold the plate down and maintain the effect. The effect immediately ends if any action causes the user to stop pressing on the plate (such as knocking the scales away from the user or making them incapable of spending the swift action).

Construction Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Levitate; Cost 3,000 gp