Part I: The story so far


Bound by simple desires, the wandering group known as Zyf’s Talons, sought to spread the word of the glories of Myn to the Wyld lands. Here, the old ways hold reign; the Imperium strives to impose its will on the local populations and, by doing so, place the shackles of ‘civilization’ on these noble savages. For their part, the indigenous peoples did not resist the shining invaders quickly enough and they soon found that civilization often comes at a steep price.

Zyf and his cohort found themselves in the Wyld lands, in the Avitian city of Evenfall. Recent incursions from the Tuathan city, Tentail, had grown to such a head that reinforcements were being called in from across the ocean. The local population was leaving in droves and the church leadership was usurped by the power hungry acolytes of the self-acclaimed God-Emperor. Only Duke Merrick Agornius, a humble cleric of the Alamar, and the Marquis d’Ceravos, the reigning governor, stood up to these hardships. Fortunately for them, and for all of you, Zyf’s Talons had arrived.

Led by the noble Zyf, a devoted cleric of Myn, the adventuring party quickly gathered a well-deserved reputation as a group that could get the job done. They did not play ‘politics’, rather they drove to the heart of a problem and solved it with sword and sorcery or might and magic or good old fashioned diplomacy…at the end of a dagger point. They were the group that defeated the demon-mayor of the swamp. They were the ones that rescued the fair maidens from the clutches of the goblin hordes. They were the ones who felled the mighty dragons in the fight for the star-rock. Whether being called upon to right the wrongs of a poor farmer or standing firm in the face of extra-planar beings, Zyf (and his group) lead the charge for righteousness.

Recently, and through no fault of Zyf or the party that bears his name, the days have been growing ever shorter, shorter even than usual in these northern wintry climes. Taking it upon himself to investigate these strange happenings, Zyf found evidence of a vast conspiracy being perpetrated on the denizens of the Wyld continent, a conspiracy so vast, that the bottomless gorge of Sunderbreak would appear as but a pin hole in comparison.