Part II: Snow-Demon Hordes!

The snow demons howled on the icy plain; their horrible cries rising in crescendo above the battle that raged between them and the humans. Two companies of pike-men, supported by arcane magic, strode forward slowly on the treacherous ground. Loping over the slick surface, the snow demons’ claws found easy purchase giving them superior foot work. Not to be deterred, the pike-men lowered their weapons to meet the oncoming horde.

Zyf surveyed the approaching goblins and directed Smuj to support the right flank. Emma, with her fae bow, could cover both sides of the battle. Quintain had gone forward to reconnoiter and was due to report back momentarily. Flann stood near the narrow entrance to the flat snowy plain and prepared to direct his chaotic energies at the main host of the goblin army. Unbeknownst to any of the Talons, except for their wise leader, Zyf, devoted of Myn, the flat icy plain was really a huge frozen lake and its surface was far more fragile than it appeared.

The battle began in earnest and the usually sure footed Emma slipped unceremoniously and slid down a slight grade right into the heart of battle. Not one to let his Talon-mate face such horror alone, Smuj followed right behind here, and also slipped his way down. It was up to Zyf, cleric of the travelling goddess, Myn, to sort them out, first, a spell to allow Smuj sure-footedness and another for Emma to be able to walk upon the water itself. Just then, Flann, in a typical chaotic blunder, unleashed his arcane magicks on the goblins, fire exploded in a dazzling display, killing many of the goblins, but wreaking enormous damage on the ice covering as well. Not one to stop there, Flann continued his devastating, yet ill-advised, tactic peppering the goblins with fireball after fireball. When he was done, the ice sheet covering the lake was decimated making it hazardous to both foe and friend alike.

Lost in the ejaculation of his power, Flann prepared to cast another spell at the goblins, yet he did not see the goblins above him in the mountains causing the snow packed heights to cascade down upon him and the rest of the reserves in an avalanche of destruction. Again, it was up to Zyf, cleric, leader and master tactician, to rescue the bumbling mage from a frigid tomb. Harnessing the gift of his lady, Myn, Zyf plunged into the snow desperately searching for his charge. Pulling the mewling sorcerer free, Zyf, heroic preserver of life, flew to the opposite side of the plain and just as he was about to heal his whimpering, shivering friend, the goblin leader emerged from the frozen lake and attacked.

What to do?
Defeat the goblin leader and let Flann to die or heal Flann and take the brunt of the goblin brute’s attack!
There was only one choice for Zyf, dagger-master and healer, do both!

A quick healing cast on Flann provided enough sustaining magic for the frail sorcerer to survive the next few moments and then Zyf, the benevolent and just, flew at the goblin leader! A dagger thrust between the oaf’s meaty ribs was all it took before the goblin burst into flames and died! Alas, treachery! The one-eyed frozen Norns of the north were in cahoots with the goblins and saw mighty Zyf’s heroics; and they were sorely afraid. How can one defeat a living legend? How indeed? The use of terrible arcane magicks combined with their relentless hatred of life, and they dropped the entire MOUNTAIN upon Zyf, the humble and unassuming, and Flann.

Fortunately, the goddess Myn did not abandon her child this day for he survived, but was taken captive by his prodigious enemies.